Starting Out

Blogging regularly is on par with a diet or taking on a new habit…How does one actually make this happen…Regular disciplined attention. So…I realize at this point that no one is reading anything I’m writing here…so I write for myself? I write for a “pretend public” as a training mechanism. This tiny little piece of […]

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Learning WordPress

Day 2: I am doing this the Susi way…without help, roaming around the internet and the WordPress help site. I realize I could ask someone for advice, but this seems the best way. In the meantime, Luna keeps dropping the ball at my feet, wanting me to play.

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When Lent Comes Calling

Day 1. For Christians around the world, this day marks the countdown to the crucifixion and resurrection of our Messiah. 40 days, minus Sundays. Many of us give up pleasures, a form of fasting. Others take on new habits. Aside from moderating all my behavior, including wine drinking, tea and coffee drinking and media consumption […]

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